Destroy Cellulite With These Simple Tips

Most women, in fact it is said to be ninety percent of women, have unsightly and unwanted cellulite and dread how it appears. Cellulite is visible portions of fat just beneath the skin, found mainly on buttocks and thighs but in some rare cases on the back of the arms as well!

It is such a relief that is possible to decrease  and prevent cellulite! This means you can achieve lovely thighs and buns that don’t only look great but feel great as well. Whew..

Here are several quick and easy tips to reduce cellulite that you can implement in your daily routine. Most of these techniques do not only rid your body of cellulite but makes your health much better also.

Stay hydrated

Everyone knows this is beneficial but most people don’t do it. Drink pure water first thing in the morning and stay hydrated all day long. You can also get water content from fresh produce. Doing this will ensure that you are constantly flushing toxins from your body.

Green tea is great for metabolism. It increases the fat burning capacity of the body. However, refuse caffeinated drinks as much as possible because caffeine has dehydrating effects. If you cannot avoid, then drink plenty of water immediately after a coffee or tea. You need at least 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee/tea

Switch your salt

Instead of refined salt, go for the unrefined counterparts like Himalayan crystal salt. It not only contains more nutrients that are beneficial for you but it has less ingredients that are bad for your health. Refined salt contributes to the build-up of toxins in the body. It creates an environment (acidic and full of toxins) which is highly favorable for cellulite. Crystal salt or sea salt on the other hand is alkaline and contains beneficial minerals that your body needs.

Avoid using skin thinning ointments and cellulite creams

Dont fall for the marketing gimmicks, what these creams do is nstead of treating cellulite the cream may actually worsen the problem by making the cellulite to be much more apparent. It is best to go for natural moisturizers like olive oil and coconut oil, better for your body and reduces toxin build up.

Skin scrubbing and reflexology

Massage and scrubbing of skin aids in circulation this helps to direct toxins towards out of the affected areas. There are many skin brushes that are specifically designed with cellulite in mind. What you want to do is scrub thighs using circular motion once or twice every week. It will aid in circulation thus causing collapse of fatty deposits. Massaging has been shown to have a similar effect.


Sweating up gets rid of toxins through out of the skin. It also helps tone your thighs which makes the dimpling of cellulite less obvious, as well as increasing circulation

Include more  Salmon, Sunflower Seeds, Chili, Dark Berries and Cacao in your diet

All of these super foods contain  antioxidants and essential fatty acids, these are the nutrients that your body needs to eliminate toxins thus reducing or eliminating cellulite.

Go for fresh and alkaline food

Alkaline forming diet includes fruits and vegetable. And does not include processed food, refined sugar and alcohol.  Make sure that bulk of your diet contains more of the fresh organic wholefoods.

Now there is no excuse to not be on your way to a sexy legs and a great butt!

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