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The Importance Of Strength Training

It is common knowledge that exercise is beneficial for your health and when most people think of exercise they think the treadmill, the exercyle or the outdoor equivalent of the two. For some reason no body thinks of weight lifting, they assume that is something reserved entirely for body builders or MMA fighters, that attitude needs to change as there are so many benefits to lifting weights.

Firstly I need to do away with a popular misconception with women, lifting weights will not turn you into the female equivalent of Arnold Schwarzeneggar. The common images of masculine looking women with bulging veins and ridiculously big muscles are women who take steroids and spend a minimum of 20 hours a week in the gym. You don’t get big muscles like that unless you are intentionally trying to look like that.

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What Are The Benefits Of Resistance Training?

Strength training, contrary to popular belief is actually the best when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Sure cardio burns the calories but weight lifting burns calories not only during the workout but also after the workout when it repairs damaged muscle tissue. Further more the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn when resting.

Osteoporosis is a problem mainly in older women, did you know that weight training actually makes your bones more dense. Weight training also strengthens your ligaments and tendons too.

Do you know any one with a bad back? Working your core muscles (abdominal and lower back muscles) strengthens your back and makes it less prone to injury.

Lifting weights will give you a nice toned look for women and a masculine buff loo for men, you will not achieve this look purely by cardio alone, well maybe a bit of muscle tone in your legs.

Fun fact, when you exercise your brain releases endorphins that make you happy, so working out will help to reduce depression, anxiety and stress. This is any type of exercise.

The main types of lifts you should do;

For your upper body you want to do push ups, there are so many different varieties of pushups, check the video below. Or you may want to purchase a set of dumbbells and a bench so you can do bench press, both workouts will target the same muscles.

Pushups or bench press targets your pectoral, triceps and shoulders, to work your opposite muscle groups – your lats and biceps. You will need to do pull downs or pull up  bar workouts. The pull up bar is more practical because that way you will not need to purchase a whole home gym.

Next you want to be working your legs, if you have purchased a set of dumbbells then you can do either squats or lunges if not then here is a video showing you multiple leg workouts that you can do without weights.

These workouts are a good place to start and ideally you will do them in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise as well.


8 Awesome Reasons Why Home Training Is Great

I love working out at home!  Do you know that?  If I do, why wouldn’t you, too?

I’ve been enjoying home training for a few months now, thanks to a friend who encouraged me to do it. It’s fun!  I actually find it more convenient doing it in the confines of my humble abode than in a public gym. I get to work my muscles better. I don’t get conscious anymore about how messy I look like whenever I do the more intense parts of my routine. Amazeballs, you guys.

So, below are some of the nicest reasons why working out at home could be the best favor you could ever give yourself. I personally experienced  and am currently experiencing every single one listed below, so you’re assured that each is an actual benefit that really exists. Read on and thank me later.

  1. You get to follow your own schedule.

When you enroll in gym classes, there’s no way you can have the freedom to work out at your own pace or during times when it’s most convenient for you. You need to follow certain schedules, and you know so well that it’s not always favorable on your part. But, when you train at home… you’re the boss, bruh. You work out anytime you want to.

  1. You don’t have to wait for available equipment.

This!  I cannot accurately describe how aggravated I am whenever I discover there’s someone on that ab exerciser I’m itching to use. Like, I already warmed up and stuff for that one important thing, just to realize that I am not able to do so. Clearly, when you work out at home and you got your own gym gear, there would be no nasty problems regarding equipment’s availability. In fact after reading dumbbell reviews I picked up a pretty awesome set of adjustable dumbbells!

  1. Commute no more.

Training at home means eliminating the time you spend walking or driving to the gym. The price of gas is way pricier now than ever, so you probably know what I’m trying to say. All you need to do now is go to your home gym and start doing your thing!

  1. You get to experience a more hygienic environment.

A public gym is where countless germs thrive, coming from people who go in and out of it on a daily basis. Gazillions of hands hold the gym equipment you also handle, so you’re more likely to get the germs from such number of human beings. Can you even imagine that?  When you work out at home, though, you’re guaranteed of the level of cleanliness of the place because you’ve been cleaning it yourself!  No brainer. So, it’s also important to not be messy and tidy up your home gym regularly.

  1. Privacy is pretty much sufficient.

When I’m working out at a public gym—meaning lots of people, and lots of snooping eyes—I get super conscious I can no longer concentrate on what I’m doing. Like, I can’t really be my strong-willed self and train as hard as I should. See, when I train, I always act as if it’s my very last chance to get fit and fab. It’s quite inevitable that I look sticky and ugly after every session. And, I’m sort of embarrassed to look that way in front of other people, especially strangers. The beauty of home training is that no one is watching you. You’re at home, duh. You can do your thing without your worrying about people criticizing you. No one is judging you, for chrissakes. That said, you get to focus more on your routine.

  1. None of your personal belongings will get stolen.

Thank the heavens I was never a victim of gym theft, but I’ve always felt for those who had to go through this nasty experience. I got friends and acquaintances that got their phones, earphones, and cash taken away from them inside the gym. Well, if you work out at home, you no longer have to get anxious of this thing. Thieves at home are usually just your cats and dogs, so just chill.

  1. Home training is inexpensive.

Are you kidding me?  All you got to spend for are your gym appurtenances. Apart from those, nothing else!  Your annual gym subscription fee already equals to a complete, functional home gym. You choose. Home training couldn’t get any cheaper, and it’s absolutely one of the best gifts you could give yourself. I’m not even exaggerating. I personally love home training, and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  1. You feel more motivated.

Preach. When I started training at home, I just felt more driven about achieving a healthier, sexier physique. Everything seems so convenient. Everything seems so fine and easy. Home training feels so liberating that I find myself getting excited to do workouts every single day.


Destroy Cellulite With These Simple Tips

Most women, in fact it is said to be ninety percent of women, have unsightly and unwanted cellulite and dread how it appears. Cellulite is visible portions of fat just beneath the skin, found mainly on buttocks and thighs but in some rare cases on the back of the arms as well!

It is such a relief that is possible to decrease  and prevent cellulite! This means you can achieve lovely thighs and buns that don’t only look great but feel great as well. Whew..

Here are several quick and easy tips to reduce cellulite that you can implement in your daily routine. Most of these techniques do not only rid your body of cellulite but makes your health much better also.

Stay hydrated

Everyone knows this is beneficial but most people don’t do it. Drink pure water first thing in the morning and stay hydrated all day long. You can also get water content from fresh produce. Doing this will ensure that you are constantly flushing toxins from your body.

Green tea is great for metabolism. It increases the fat burning capacity of the body. However, refuse caffeinated drinks as much as possible because caffeine has dehydrating effects. If you cannot avoid, then drink plenty of water immediately after a coffee or tea. You need at least 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee/tea

Switch your salt

Instead of refined salt, go for the unrefined counterparts like Himalayan crystal salt. It not only contains more nutrients that are beneficial for you but it has less ingredients that are bad for your health. Refined salt contributes to the build-up of toxins in the body. It creates an environment (acidic and full of toxins) which is highly favorable for cellulite. Crystal salt or sea salt on the other hand is alkaline and contains beneficial minerals that your body needs.

Avoid using skin thinning ointments and cellulite creams

Dont fall for the marketing gimmicks, what these creams do is nstead of treating cellulite the cream may actually worsen the problem by making the cellulite to be much more apparent. It is best to go for natural moisturizers like olive oil and coconut oil, better for your body and reduces toxin build up.

Skin scrubbing and reflexology

Massage and scrubbing of skin aids in circulation this helps to direct toxins towards out of the affected areas. There are many skin brushes that are specifically designed with cellulite in mind. What you want to do is scrub thighs using circular motion once or twice every week. It will aid in circulation thus causing collapse of fatty deposits. Massaging has been shown to have a similar effect.


Sweating up gets rid of toxins through out of the skin. It also helps tone your thighs which makes the dimpling of cellulite less obvious, as well as increasing circulation

Include more  Salmon, Sunflower Seeds, Chili, Dark Berries and Cacao in your diet

All of these super foods contain  antioxidants and essential fatty acids, these are the nutrients that your body needs to eliminate toxins thus reducing or eliminating cellulite.

Go for fresh and alkaline food

Alkaline forming diet includes fruits and vegetable. And does not include processed food, refined sugar and alcohol.  Make sure that bulk of your diet contains more of the fresh organic wholefoods.

Now there is no excuse to not be on your way to a sexy legs and a great butt!

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Importance Of Working Your Core

With the various workouts available to flatten the tummy, core exercises are oftentimes neglected or forgotten due to lack of information when it comes to the importance of including it on your daily routine. The abdominal muscles make up only a part of the core – where the focus is normally overlooked. Working your core provides helpful benefits to your body’s overall functionality due to the following reasons:

Achieve Dream Abs Easily

The key to getting your dream abs is to include exercises that also give attention to your hips, back and pelvis. Though being involved in an aerobic activity will surely burn the love handles, core workouts will tone your target muscles. Make sure to get enough of planks and back extensions for a stronger core.

Less Risk Of Injury

Since a strong core supports vital muscles including those used for bending, lifting or even sitting, you will notice that the risk for acquiring injury due to improper utilization of daily activities is eventually lessened. The core supports your body and prevents you from getting regular muscle strain.

Improve Stability and Strength

Core exercises are usually performed by routines that aim to develop and strengthen the hips, pelvis, lower back and the abdomen. As you execute the exercises, the target muscles all work together in coordination which benefits your body by improving your stability and strength. You will notice this as you go on your daily activities such as doing simple household chores or playing sports.

Perform Better in Sports

Most athletes work hard to strengthen their core muscles for an excellent game performance. The strong core muscles are the ones responsible for winning most games as it allows your body to move swiftly while maintaining a consistent power throughout the game. All muscles used in various sports generate strength from the core. This will help both your upper and lower body execute powerful attacks. Without proper core exercise, your daily sports training won’t be as much effective as to that of a tough core.


Daily Activities Made Easier

As mentioned earlier, one of the simplest improvements you will notice is when daily activities appear easier than before. From the carrying groceries to bending to pick up a fallen object to stretching to reach up the top cabinet, every task seem easier and takes a little less effort than you usually do. Aside from achieving your fitness goals, you can also benefit from your strong core through performing daily physical activities.

Now that you’ve read all the benefits you can get from including core exercises on your regular exercise routine, there’s no reason to make excuses anymore. If you’re not yet involved with any kinds of exercises, starting from basic core workouts will take you far in the long run. The advantages are so diverse that you can even benefit after sitting for several hours in your office chair. Hopefully, you will be more inspired to push through working your core muscles as early as today.